About the Author


Vasilina Orlova (Василина Орлова)

PhD in Philosophy, Lomonosov Moscow State University

TA for the courses Introduction to Cultural Anthropology and Expressive Culture at the University of Texas-Austin; student of the PhD program, Anthropology Department. Referee for Cultural Anthropology journal. Author of several books, mainly in Russian.


Debris and Ruination, Trash, Worn-Out Infrastructure and Its Affects, Mundane, Violence, Emerging and Fading Out, Nostalgia, Vertigo, City, the Figure of Flâneur, Hydroelectric Plants.

Areas of Study

Russia, in particular Siberia; Ukraine; the United States of America.

Writings, Presentations, and Talks

2016    “Ryzyka: A Curated Conversation”  Visual Essay. Cultural Anthropology. In co-authorship with Irina Oktiabrskaya, Valery Klamm, and Craig Campbell

2016    “Archeology of the Robotics: Remnants of Soviet Robots. Talk. November 19th. 115th Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Association. Minneapolis, Minnesota

2016    “Robot as a Subject (Object) of Ethnographic Study. Lecture. October 14. Introduction to Cultural Anthropology. University of Texas at Austin [Video]

2016    “Russian Literature on Bratsk Dam: the Human in People-Altered Landscapes of Soviet Industrialization.” Presentation. September 25. “The Extra-Human” 13th Annual Graduate Conference in Comparative Literature. University of Texas at Austin [Audio]

2016    “Russia, USA, and the Islamic World: Multiplicity of Feminisms.” Talk. Feminist Society ONA (“She”). Moscow, August 14 [Audio; in Russian]

2016    “Austin Old-Timer and Newcomer.” The End of Austin, 24th of May.

2016    “Writer’s Change of Language: Nabokov and Others.” Symposium on Language and Society. University of Texas at Austin, April 15

2016    “ISIS: Use of Atrocity in State Formation.” Lecture, Expressive Culture. University of Texas at Austin, April, 6

2016    “ISIS: Active Ruination and Performativity of Public Execution.New Directions in Anthropology Conference, University of Texas at Austin, April 1

2016    “Late Soviet Childhood.” Futures and Ruins Workshop at Duke University, March 25

2016    “Pussy Riot: The Contest of Performances and Political Affect.Utopia and Reality: Latin America Confronting Globalization. Gender and Feminisms. University of Texas at Austin, March 3

2015    “On Methods in Sociocultural Anthropology: Production of Ethnography Through Observation, Recollection, and, Occasionally, Forgetting.” Talk. Center for Russian, East European and Eurasian Studies at University of Texas at Austin, October 21

2015    “Debris of Utopia: Reflection on Ruination in the USSR and Post-Soviet Spaces.” Presentation. New Directions in Anthropology Conference, the University of Texas at Austin, March 27-28

2014    “Grackles and Old Cars,” The End of Austin, 22nd of May.

2014    Russian Language in the New World. Talk. Society of Social and Religious Studies, Moscow, Russia

2013    “Кит Сибирь” (ethnographic notes)

For creative writing published projects, see following lists: (1) works in English; (2) works in Russian


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